Tuareg Inspirations

Posted on September 04, 2014 by Afsoon Sepehri

My work is inspired by shapes, textures, forms, and colors-but often times the best inspiration for my custom SkullID pieces for the ALS Collection comes from the rich cultures that the unique vintage pieces come from.

I love creating custom pieces each is a doorway into a whole new collection. Many of my pieces have religious or Buddhist relics, however in this case, a long time client requested two necklaces he could wear layered together that was not reminiscent of a religion or deity.

After many hours of research, I came across a vintage Tuareg ring with green carnelian stone.


The Tuareg people express themselves through art, and their jewelry; they are particularly known for exquisite silver pieces, which are passed down from one generation to another. Tuareg artisans have preserved the symbolism and cosmology of their environment and have incorporated it into their jewelry. The geometric patterns and designs are integrated into the pieces in a way that results in jewelry that speaks universally from the particular, and its uniqueness has a stunning aesthetic.

Creating this piece inspired me to design a new collection focusing on their rich ethnic attire, and their emphasis on ornate accessories from the Tuareg people and other culturally vibrant communities. My newest additions will feature pieces from the Tuareg jewelry, and also Tibetan Buddhist daggers and amulets.

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