About Us


Concepts for style and design emanate from deep inside one's soul. Many times coming from the darkest of places where creativity lurks looking for a way out. A true artist strives to fashion something fresh with no boundaries and this is what Afsoon Lotfy has done her design house Skull ID.

Harkening back to her Persian roots where her father’s passion for fashion lit a fuse deep within her at a young age, she moved onward graduating from studies in German literature. Arriving to Boston in 1996 she immediately immersed herself in the world of high fashion and began work at the Divino boutique. Her path continued on with 10 years spent at the Boston Design Center honing her skills while keeping a pulse on the Boston’s trendy fashion culture. She has gained inspiration from such noteworthy designers as Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, Ann Demeulemeester, and Balenciaga, to name but a few.

For Afsoon, using skulls as an organic medium brought her a feeling of calm fascination that transcends into her creative flow. She began experimenting with design concepts and then jewelry which led her to launch her own high fashion line Skull ID back in 2010. The freshness and exclusivity which she infuses into her designs adds a level of excitement to not only the individual pieces, but also to their owners.

Just ask dynamic house duo, Steve and Chris Martinez. The brothers who hail from the Bronx, N.Y.; are bridging underground music genres, growing their fan base slowly but surely and infiltrating their way into your musical subconscious. These two game changers know a thing or two about urban edginess and individual style while rocking a DJ set wearing Skull ID in New York to Boston to Europe and back.

Martinez Brother wearing Skull ID fashion Jewelry 
Michael Madsen’s a fan too. Best known for playing one hell of a badass in Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill, we bet Mr. Blonde would want to  be seen rocking some serious Skull ID swag if he happened upon us today.
Michael Madsen wearing Skull ID fashionable jewelry
Skulls have transcended their roots in tribal lore to become symbols of the biker movement and now fashion accessories to those who want to give off an elegant yet dangerous vibe. Each Skull ID piece is understated enough to subtly tie a look together but has such personality that it can be the star of your outfit too. That’s the beauty of the uniqueness of our jewelry collections. You can evoke a sense of badass danger with one look and moody sophistication with another.
Skull fashion is here to stay so make your statement. Skulls have long been symbols of various subcultures over the ages but they are growing ever more prevalent in mainstream fashion. Look to the runways and skulls are everywhere. Look to street style and skulls still hold up their role in urban and underground settings. We offer a variety of styles that can cater to your desires just as skulls lend themselves to various subcultures and continue to make a mark in everyday fashion. Each bead and piece of jewelry is handmade so you can be positive no one else will be rocking your look.
What story do you want to tell? Whether you’re feeling edgy, elegant chic one day or rockstar swag the next, Skull ID has something for you. So come take a look at some of our jewelry, channel your inner biker, up your street cred and make your statement in Skull ID style.